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Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Case Study

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Contextual analysis Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Contextual investigation By: Katrina Robinson Bus520 Leadership and Organizational Dr. Leonardo Serrano Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd. Contextual analysis Outline the Leadership Style of Branson and its viability to the U. S today Richard Branson and Effective Leadership Incorporation of Branson’s Leadership at School or Work. The Leadership Style of Branson and its viability to the U.S today Richard Branson, the administrator and CEO of the Virgin Group has concocted a kind of authority focused on workers. He has held onto transformational administration model as a style of authority. Transformational initiative is an administration style that concentrated on affecting progressive change in associations through a guarantee to the organization’s vision. Transformational authority incorporates inciting trust, appreciation, reliability , and regard among adherents through use of magnetic vision and behavior.Transformational administration empowers change through scholarly incitement focused on self-intelligent difference in qualities and convictions. Vision is basic for transformational administration since workers are increasingly agreeable when they comprehend the vision and bearing of the organization going ahead. Transformational administration impacts people's self-development. Transformational administration creates supporters who can perform past their own and others' expectations.Transformational Leadership begins with the improvement of a dream, a perspective on the future that will energize and change over likely devotees. This vision might be created by the pioneer, by the senior group or may rise up out of a wide arrangement of conversations. Transformational authority centers around social qualities and shows up in the midst of misery and change. Sir Richard Branson has engaged his workers to accompli sh a given vision of the organization. This has prompted the ascent in profitability and the resolve of the worker.It has likewise expanded utility and the wide expert and individual development of the organization. Sir Richard Branson is a notorious and amazing figure inside business circles. His Virgin organizations length the globe, while his hunger for brand control and feeling of experience recount to an account of a charming and provocative life sprinkled with peril, high hazard strategies, pushing the limits of the conceivable and an enveloping reason that is based upon reasonableness and change. As far as initiative model tended to in Chapter 10 and 11, Branson embodies a transformational leader.Transformational administration includes envisioning future patterns, moving supporters to comprehend and grasp another vision of conceivable outcomes, creating others to be pioneers or better pioneers, and building the association or gathering into a network of tested and compensate d students. Visionary, moving, brave, and moral are words that depict transformational pioneers. They are daring individuals who take advantage of or make new lucky breaks. They are additionally insightful scholars who comprehend the associations of innovation, culture, partners, and outer natural powers (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2011, page 329).He isn't as much worried about industry-explicit mastery as he is with selecting representatives with solid correspondence and collaboration abilities that work with the Virgin culture. He genuinely feels that getting different people groups information and tuning in to what in particular individuals need to state are a guiding principle to him. He conveys a journal in his pocket constantly just on the off chance that he hears something fascinating from individuals that he cooperates with on any level. He wants to face high-challenge choices if at long last he feels it's advantageous. As indicated by the creators, energy is basic for task acco mplishment.Passion is frequently increasingly present in innovative pioneers and Sir Richard Branson ought to be viewed as an energetic pioneer. On the Virgin gathering site (5) the organization specifies â€Å"giving birth† to organizations and â€Å"holding their hand† through the authoritative turn of events. This is by all methods a strong angle, far away from the quarterly run organizations of many. A case of his mental fortitude may be the point at which he under overwhelming rivalry in the US chose to sell out Virgin Records to spare the financials of Virgin Atlantic.In that bargain he additionally chose to switch bank because of helpless help and guidance for Virginia Records. A case of Branson’s ability to face challenge is his endeavor into space the travel industry with Virgin Galactic. That business is by no uncertainty viewed as very fearless and unsafe and yet determined by indistinguishable reasons from some other business, benefit. Branson has wo rked intimately with Scaled Composites to build up a travel industry shuttle (9). As he puts it, it was an exceptionally hazardous act that could have turned out badly (10), (13).However Branson is definitely not an alien to chance administration, as per an article in Time (6). He usually begins little and offers the hazard with different speculators. His organizations are likewise inexactly associated by the article, to limit chance for each gathering. Richard Branson’s adventures depict imagination, wandering into aircrafts utilizing new innovative estimates, for example, contact screen requesting of food and agreeable planes. This arrives in a time where most different aircrafts are making sense of how to expel the final ornaments to cut costs.Another created ability is the chance of designating work to his associates and the executives staff and making a stride back. He invests a great deal of energy in the beginning of another business, drawing the master plan and helpin g the administration setting the marketable strategy and the route forward. At the point when this is done he makes a stride back and lets the administration get a stake in the business and drive it forward. †The organization must be set up so it can proceed without me†. Sir Richard is exhaustive in employing the ideal individuals. He is known for acquiring great directors and getting them to stay.If they don’t perform at a current task he brings them into another endeavor where the individual is bound to perform as indicated by his capacities. †Look generally advantageous and you’ll get the best†, is his words. Terminating individuals is only from time to time a choice to Sir Richard. This situational initiative model would consolidate both mandate and steady practices. Order conduct would impact the way of life by disclosing what should have been done; assisting with arranging the how, where, and when of completing it, and guaranteeing an addi tional hands on way to deal with the strategic idea of the plan.Supportive administration, in blend, would give both consolation and instructing, and would act to encourage critical thinking and the enormous measure of issues that require change the executives. The two methodologies could be utilized by Virgin, some more frequently than others, yet would be a variable model of order (high and low) contingent upon the specific circumstance close by. Basically, this style picks the correct administration style for the ideal individual †and shifts relying on that individual’s ifts, perspectives, foundation, and character (The Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory, 2012) If this model were received by Branson, he would have both the duty and moral prerequisite to ceaselessly evaluate circumstances close by, locate the most fitting arrangement on the above network for that issue, and afterward act as needs be. Obviously, at his level the â€Å"issues† would pr obably stay vital and rather wide, and it would not generally be conceivable to â€Å"never† direct change, or â€Å"always† direct change.Instead, it would be the suitability of individual circumstances and individuals that would put this model into Virgin’s vital and strategic locus of activity (Farrington, 2012). Let us envision for a second that the innovation has improved enough in aviation and space travel that it is conceivable to create standard excursions to a Space Station, or, in any event, a dispatch and stumble on a van that would circle the earth and permit travelers to encounter space, a perspective on the planet, and an instructive encounter. It is very normal to expect that the Virgin gathering may be fundamental in the improvement of this kind of new vacationer activity.The least demanding approach to coordinate some of Branson’s administration characteristics into the every day occupation would be to as a matter of first importance insp ect the activity and locate the most energizing prospects and potential for it and afterward to convey that to partners, staff, and the executives. On the off chance that in an administrative position, permit representatives to concoct inventive answers for issues meet as a gathering and demonstrate an objective or challenge, request thoughts, and afterward set aside some effort to think about them, permitting workers to take an interest in this exertion and assist them with feeling enabled and part of the team.Part of being a decent pioneer, as per Branson, is likewise the capacity to realize when to move in an opposite direction from an undertaking. â€Å"As much as you need a solid character to fabricate a business without any preparation, you likewise should comprehend the craft of delegation,† he says. â€Å"I must be acceptable at helping individuals maintain the individual organizations, and I must be happy to step back. The organization must be set up so it can proce ed without me. † In my assessment, the most significant factor of good administration is identifying with others. In the event that you’re great with people†¦and you truly care, truly care about people†. Initiative groups are commonly made out of the executives united to traverse the limits between various capacities in the association. All together for an item to be conveyed to advertise, the heads of money, creation, and promoting must cooperate and think of a typical procedure for the item. At top administration levels, groups are utilized in creating objectives and a vital course for the firm all in all. Innovation is affecting how groups meet and

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What Are the Principle Strengths and Weaknesses of Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches to Personality? Illustrate You Answer with at Least One Theory Associated with Each Approach.

This paper talks about the significant qualities and shortcomings of nomothetic and idiographic ways to deal with character with the assistance of related speculations. Character is characterized as the psycho-physcial qualities and components inside an individual, impacting their collaborations and versatility to the ‘environment’. Nomothetic and idiographic methodologies are two distinct techniques used to give a knowledge into and decide the characters of individuals. While the two methodologies are intended to facilitate ones comprehension of character in various circumstances, there are huge contrasts just as points of interest and burdens for, notwithstanding, every strategy as this article will feature. Falk (1956) characterizes the nomothetic methodology as a strategy to enlighten the laws and rules that characterize practices of a people by deciphering general examples which develop, and the idiographic methodology as a top to bottom investigation of a subject where the comprehension accomplished is one of a kind and customized to the person. The nomothetic methodology takes on the ‘history rehashes itself’ disposition as communicated by Skinner’s radical behaviorism hypothesis unveiled by his analyses on rodents, pigeons and so forth. (Smith and Woodward, 1996). The nomothetic approach’s most prominent quality lies in its capacity to recognize certain attribute practices of a populace or network. This is efficent in deciding a viable answer for people with indistinguishable standards of conduct dependent on the characteristic hypothesis of character. Cattell’s (1946) 16PF characteristic hypotheses, huge scope considers recorded as a score on a measurement is a case of nomothetic examination of human character by which an individual’s character can be depicted and summed up, just as gathering conduct of same scoring people anticipated. Research, for example, Milgram’s try and the I. Q. test recommend nomothetic ideas remain constant for certain conduct principals and can be utilized partially to sum up gatherings of individuals. The ‘Big 5’ hypothesis in a joint effort with nomothetic information is viewed as good to delineate the highlights of character. This technique depends intensely on quality speculations of character to foresee and build up social characters for a masses. Then again arrangement of a specific people may not remain constant for a specific individual because of explicit individual attributes and encounters proposes Gordon Allport (Nicholson, 2000). He expressed that government sanctioned testing would not have the option to analyze a larger piece of an individual’s character qualities consequently it required centered and tweaked study and perception. While the nomothetic methodology is moderately exact to decide character of general networks, it is appeared to just propose surface rule conduct, not a precise character detail of an individual. Also a cumbersome example must be picked precisely to decide rising examples of conduct; grouping probably won't be exact for all the individuals in that specific speculation. Another clear disservice is the order of an individual or individuals dependent on their outcome, for example, I. Q. which is appear in specific circumstances to make predisposition among the general public they are in. The idiographic methodology is profoundly centered around a person under scrutiny and is generally subjective based instead of the quantitative nomothetic way. It is to a great extent dependent on Freud’s speculations of cognizance, that every individual has an I,D. , inner self and super conscience and that it is exceptional to that specific person. The examination is extensive and long haul, featuring a total comprehension of the subject, for example, Freud’s unequivocal and long haul clinical investigations of his patients, obliging their particular needs and issues as opposed to a general presumption of their base persona (Gay, 1988). It is demonstrated to be an increasingly adaptable and nitty gritty examination to increase substantial information about the subjects being contemplated; Piaget was likewise ready to unambiguously decide his children’s standards of conduct and minds (Auger and Rich, 2007). Idiographic methodologies center around the comprehension of the structure of the psychological I. e. the cognizant, the oblivious and the preconscious, for example, George Kelly’s repertory matrix strategy notwithstanding Carl Rogers’ Q-sort technique (Mcleod, 2007). Information assembled from idiographic research permits the formation of exceptional and compelling medicines. The key preferred position of this strategy is the treatment offered after research will be effective as it has been custom-made to suit the specific people issue. Then again the outcomes got from idiographic methodologies are profoundly explicit and can't be summed up; they’re dependent on a restricted example of the populace alongside problematic experimentation which makes the information assembled futile to characterize general attributes of a gathering. The data broke down is one of a kind to the specific individual being contemplated and doesn't remain constant all around in which case it is viewed as informal by clinicians. Taking everything into account, while nomothetic and idiographic ways to deal with character each have their points of interest and disservices, it is apparent that the kind of strategy utilized would be founded on what the analyst is attempting to record. To recognize a general law of comparative trademark characters a huge, exact example from a people would should be nomotheticly concentrated with relationship factors just as psychometric testing and different types of quantitative research to drawn upon a genuinely decisive hypothesis. While exact investigation of an individual, would utilize the casual, idiographic technique to infer an intense comprehension of their character. The nomothetic way to deal with character is for the most part upheld by the characteristic speculations of character and idiographic ways to deal with character are supported up by psychodynamic hypotheses of character. The primary favorable circumstances these techniques have is they are overwhelming in their own thoughtful fields of research while their fundamental destruction acts like long as they remain independent hypotheses.

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Entrepreneurship Strategy for Combining Small and Large Group

Question: Talk about motivation behind the present examination is to break down the contrasts between single-unit franchisees (SUFees) and the Multi-unit franchisees (MUFees)? Answer: Multi-unit franchisees are the franchisees (MUFees), specific for using more than one establishment inside an establishment framework. Such framework means an overwhelming and an inescapable franchisee possession structures in various businesses. The majority of the writing or studies have been created by focusing more on single-unit franchisees (SUFees). This is on the grounds that most SUFees is one of the most well known franchisee structures. The key objectives of the article incorporate contrasting MUFees and SUFees thoughtfully worried with different factors and conditions. Such conditions incorporate (1) Significant components considered by the franchisees, while buying an establishment at the underlying second, (2) advocating how such contemplations are changed, while SUFees changed to Multi-unit franchisees, (3) supporting the methods of portraying the connection among SUFees and Multi-unit franchisees with their franchisors worried to social develops. The exploration inform ation uncovered that there are huge qualifications between Multi-unit franchisees and single-unit franchisees concerning buy inspirations and social suppositions. Most altogether, the vast majority of the franchisor favor using multi-unit diversifying. Disregarding the reality, single-unit franchisees separate their dyadic associations with applicable franchisors, as also socially identified with Multi-unit franchisees partners. Idea and Terminology Diversifying This is a plan of action for related proprietors in sharing normal brand name. Parent organization essentially permits business people for utilizing the methodologies of the organization just as trademarks for the equivalent. Franchisee needs to pay expense for help for the most part including adverting also preparing for the diversifying understanding (Dhingra Parker, 2015). Potential income is restricted for the parent organization and profit in the new store in a general way. Establishments help in offering pre-opening help like site choice, financing, and preparing just as related stupendous opening project. Expansion to that, establishments for the most part offers progressing support for preparing national just as territorial adverting working strategies (Barringer, 2012). It incorporates operational help, the board support just as expanded spending power in the most suitable manner. There is sincere connection between the providers winning in the business venture. There is les s hazard and business disappointment in the diversifying model in a general way. It is critical to comprehend the reality items and administrations guarantees earlier foundation in the piece of the overall industry. There is no requirement for sure fire advertise testing sooner rather than later (Dada, Watson Kirby, 2015). Multi-unit versus single-unit diversifying Single-unit diversifying guarantees new brand business visionary for reacting with the specialty unit. It essentially incorporates the day by day activities of the business venture (Beckmann Zeyen, 2014). This franchisee ordinarily guarantees an area division for covering units of tasks in the most proper manner. Multi-Unit Franchises helps in making open doors for opening one more unit. Numerous units chiefly sell decreased rates for different tasks units in franchisee share for understanding the everyday exercises of the business endeavor (Mariotti Glackin, 2014). Authoritative Structure Association Structure shows the order of individuals and related capacities. This basically shows the character of an association and accepting qualities in a general way (Vallejo, 2015). Association Structure helps in task allotment, coordination just as management of accomplishing the hierarchical points just as destinations in the most suitable manner. Relationship Marketing Relationship Marketing helps in keeping up long haul relationship with the clients. It primarily pursues for empowering relationship promoting and encouraging on client faithfulness programs in a general way. It basically gives model items just as administrations in a general way (Dant et al. 2014). It remembers promoting rehearses for centering for the single exchange. This specific promoting Inspirations for Franchise Purchase It is fundamental for taking a stab at new objectives and spurring for current monetary qualities. It is prudent for choosing franchisee open door for seeking after own business exercises. It helps in following the achievement rate and guaranteeing solid brand name in a general way (Mignonac et al. 2015). It incorporates preparing programs and upgrading progressing operational help in the most proper manner. It needs fundamental promoting help just as land help for conveying future business exercises in a general way. Business Enterprise guarantees advancement of the business and accompanying new thoughts just as conclusion for the equivalent. Business visionaries ought to have chance taking capacity in taking care of things to come results in the most proper manner (Mndez, Galindo Sastre, 2014). It for the most part transforms the thoughts into productivity terms for execution of business exercises in a general way. It incorporates limit and readiness for creating, sorting out just as learning new undertaking for undertaking dangers soon. Reliance Theory Reliance Theory principally incorporates imperialism just as neo-expansionism. It helps in continuation for monetary reliance on different investigations of related provincial nations in a general way. It causes worldwide destitution for improvement for the rich nations like remote obligation just as outside exchange for the equivalent (Paswan Rajamma, 2016). This specific hypothesis includes issues like more accentuation on the hypothetical structure in the most productive manner. The majority of the reliance scholar includes global free enterprise for compelling thought process behind the genuine reliance connections in a general way. Verifiable research for the most part guarantees contemporary underdevelopment for the related recorded item for keeping up monetary relations in the metropolitan nations (Gillis, Combs Ketchen, 2014). Relationship Marketing helps in inclusion for improving in the inside tasks soon. A large portion of the clients quit utilizing items and stay disappoi nted especially with the client care. Business smoothes out utilizations the inward tasks for fulfilling the requirements just as desires for the clients and rendering solid data in a powerful manner. Examination Diversifying: Diversifying is viewed as a major business in the retailing field with the end goal that US holds 3,000 establishments working more than 300 business lines to such an extent that the check speaks to estimation of 901,093 establishment and friends possessed outlets producing $868 billion in finance. The information gives a work of 18 million individuals with 20 individuals utilized in each establishment and creating a most extreme all out yield of over $2.1 trillion, which equivalents to extra 10% of the private part economy of US (Glackin, 2013). Nonetheless, diversifying is one piece of the American innovation that has been refered to as one of the quickly developing fare based economy on the planet. Furthermore, to the tremendous developing part of present day retailing with surprising open arrangement speaks to a blended and hilter kilter complex conduct marvel concerning some exploration setting. Multi-unit versus single-unit diversifying: Single Unit Franchising in US looks to think about on the factor thinking about starting acquisition of the establishment framework and the underlying thought when single unit changes into multi unit establishment and the connections between the two (Mishra, 2015). Notwithstanding, whenever investigated by measurable examination, single unit establishment brings inline the significance of franchisor methodology, budgetary advantages, the more significant levels of multi unit establishment in the partners went with factual force and huge impact sizes when contrasted with multi unit establishments. Be that as it may, when seen on ANOVA, the principle impact of characterization vanishes under the result of measures. The determinants of second establishment buy depends on the earlier thought that enormous impact sizes are classified sing Cohens benchmarks of high measurable force. In spite of the fact that, multi unit establishment regard for more opportunity and autonomy by catching the inescapable impact of the growing reliance responses and expecting more regard from the franchisor. Nonetheless, as indicated by the examination it tends to be founded on the multi unit establishments pace of reliance lower than that of single unit establishments (Nijmeijer, Fabbricotti Huijsman, 2014). All things considered, discoveries depend on the true involvement in a progressively practical feeling of scope that the franchisors should accord the establishments. Social Marketing: The social quality of the two establishments portrays that out of the two establishments single unit establishment conveys more trust, responsibility and relationship fulfillment between the two gatherings (Bruton, Ketchen Ireland, 2013). What's more, it acquires notice that solitary unit establishments are increasingly engaged with every day tasks and multi unit establishment are progressively limited in looking for administrative complexities and with the impact of working in more than one unit. Inspirations of establishment buy Inspirations of establishment business depend on the execution of the venture into beginning a business that is basically hard to create in representative. The inspirational motivating force from the point of view of multi unit establishment is commonly founded on strengthening, economies of scale, capital accessibility and hazard lack of concern and enterprising direction (Iyer et al. 2015). In any case, after investigation it was gotten thought that multi unit establishment are more enterprising inspiration driven than single unit establishment since it includes progressively administrative complexities t

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The Growth of Christain Yoga - Free Essay Example

Yoga has been a significant staple in religions across the world since their originations. Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism have utilized yoga as a way to practice ones own spiritual devolvement and helping them have a sense of awareness of their own nature (Surrenda, 2012). The migration of yoga into the western-world of Europe and Americas began as a form of exercise to promote flexibility in the human form and for the philosophical properties that the originating religions had sold it to have. Since yoga has increased substantially in the western world and many people know of or how to do yoga, and the historical background is related so closely to religious affairs, it seems logical that Christianity would also pick up this model. Christian yoga is a very new concept brought into the religious world. The thing that makes this yoga Christian is the reading of the Bible in different parts of the practice (Soloman, 2017). Yoga is a controversial subject within the Christian community. Many have referred to it as demonic and see the Hindu roots as incompatible with their faith. In a blog post titled Christian Yoga? Its a Stretch, outspoken pastor Mark Driscoll described yoga as a system of belief that is unchristian, against Scripture, and thus demonic in nature. He went on to write that whatever way you look at yoga, including Christian yoga, it cannot be divided from its Hindu roots (Driscoll, 2011). Other Christians see yoga as spiritually benign, a harmless exercise to improve flexibility and strength. Then there are people who blend their Christian faith into their yoga practice. This dance around yoga reflects the debate within the Christian community on if and how it can fit into a faith other than Hinduism . Exactly what can make yoga Christian is undefined. It can look like prayer and scripture readings being added into the session, Christian worship music might be played during a class, some put yoga poses to traditional Christian prayers or incorporates a whole Bible study into a class. Holy Yoga doesnt present trainees with a Christian yoga formula but encourages each certified instructor to incorporate Christianity as they see fit (Boone, 2006). Christian yoga also takes a few things away from the traditional course of yoga. The word or sound om, a mantra that is typically chanted at the end of a yoga class with the goal of connecting to others and the universe, is often missing from Christian yoga (Soloman, 2017). The Christians Practicing Yoga website advises that the meaning and implications of om should be understood rather than uttered just because its cool or what people do in a yoga class. The website offers Shalom, the Hebrew word for peace and wholeness, as an om alternativ e (Gelinas, 2008). In the video To Om or Not to Om, Holy Yoga founder Brooke Boon said there isnt anything inherently wrong for Christians to let out an om,, but the mystery of it can create more questions than answers. From our perspective, prayer does the same thing, she said (Boone, 2006). As the founder of New Day Yoga addresses why she teaches yoga from a Christian perspective, she also lists many scriptures that she likes to use in classes. She states that her aim as a company and Christian yoga studio, that as we learn to balance our body in tree pose by engaging our core and keeping our focus on a still point, we also learn to balance our lives by engaging our minds and keeping our focus on the One True God, (Gelinas, 2008). When questioned about her verses she stated, each one of these verses is rich and powerful in the spiritual realm, and I wanted to give my students the opportunity to let the truth of these words sink deep into their minds so that they could be transformed. I wanted New Day Yoga classes to build up my students in their faith as well as in their body so that they would be equipped to live out the fullness of their destiny in Christ. I wanted to help them reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attainin g to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ so that they would not be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching, (Gelinas, 2008). PraiseMoves was created by Laurette Willis as a Christian alternative to yoga, rather than Christian yoga (Willis, 2001). However, at times, the 150 postures in PraiseMoves can look a lot like yoga. For example, cobra pose is referred to as the vine, a reference to a Biblical analogy where Jesus referred to himself as a vine. Willis created other poses herself, some of them modeled on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. During each pose, a corresponding Bible verse is recited by the class, such as for the vine pose it is John 15:5 where Jesus says I am the vine; you are the branches PraiseMoves is disguised as exercise, said Willis, but it is really a way for people to have a closer relationship with God, (Soloman, 2017). Yoga has never had a single purpose for its seekerswhether it is philosopher-ascetics seeking enlightenment, ecstatic devotees expressing the love of God, people in pursuit of yogic superpowers, fitness buffs seeking the perfect yoga butt or Christians wanting to get closer to Christ. The argument that Christian yoga is not real yoga assumes that yoga is or has been a tradition that has exclusively featured Hindu symbols, practices, and ideas. In reality, yoga includes a variety of historical as well as new traditions that have changed and evolved throughout the years. Yogas history is rooted in a variety of South Asian religious movements going back over 2,000 years ago (Jain, 2017). In India alone, yoga practitioners have included Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Muslims (Jain, 2017). In other words, yoga has never belonged to any one religion, but it has always been packaged in a variety of ways. The real question that everyone should be considering is not the question of whether or not Christian yoga is real yoga, but has there ever been one real yoga? References Bharati, S. J. (2017). Is Yoga a Religion? Retrieved from Swami J: Boone, B. (2006). What We Believe. Retrieved from Holy Yoga: Buddhism and Hinduism. (2018, November 25). Retrieved from Wikipedia: Driscoll, M. (2011, November 18). A Modern Reformation. Retrieved from Gelinas, D. (2008). Why I Teach Yoga from a Christian Perspective. Retrieved from Christians Practicing Yoga: Jain, J. (2017, June 21). Can yoga be Christian? Retrieved from The Conversation: Manjackal, J. (2018). Yoga in philosophy and practice is incompatible with Christianity. Retrieved from J Manjackal: Roys, J. (2015, June 23). Three Reasons Christians Should Think Twice About Yoga. Retrieved from Julie Roys: Soloman, S. (2017, September 5). Inside the Growing World of Christian Yoga. Retrieved from VICE: Surrenda, D. (2012, January 12). The Purpose of Yoga. Retrieved from New York Times: Willis, L. (2001). Dr. Laurette Willis Bio Ministry. Retrieved from Praise Moves:

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Educational Philosophy of John Dewey Essay - 702 Words

The Educational Philosophy of John Dewey John Dewey is known as leader of the progressive movement in the history of the American education system and his book, Democracy and Education: an introduction to the philosophy of education, could be used as a textbook to teach the foundations of the movement. Discrediting all previous educational and philosophic approaches as intellectually incomplete or inaccurate, Dewey first presents a new perspective on the nature of knowledge, education, society and philosophy. One fundamental theme of Dewey’s progressive movement is that education is growth and that growth is, in and of itself, the objective. Rejecting any notion of innate knowledge or of an ideal goal to strive for, the progressive†¦show more content†¦Societies can be, by definition, small associations of like minded individuals with narrow aims or large nations with broad, diverse aims. Dewey offers two standards which can be applied to assess the value of a soc iety: How numerous and varied are the interests which are consciously shared? How full and free is the interplay with other forms of association? By applying these two questions, the natural conclusion of the ideal society is democratic, that is to say one that offers its citizens the freedom of expression and communication. If a democracy represents an ideal society that presents the maximum number of common interests and the maximum opportunities for association with other societies, then it also represents the ideal society in its potential for growth. Any society with a near limitless potential for growth must redefine the concept of knowledge in order to gain efficiencies in its education system. Previous attempts at defining knowledge were flawed, in the mind of the Progressivist, by directly stating or implying a division or duality that presents a barrier to free intercourse of ideas. Examples of these dualities are that of different classes within a society such as r ich vs poor, noble vs lower class, ruler vs ruled or that of the physical vs metaphysical worlds. Any duality serves to separate knowledge from action, a continuity which is proclaimed as ideal. Any piece ofShow MoreRelatedJohn Dewey s Theory Of Evolution1099 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This research is on the background of John Dewey (1859-1952), his theories, his influences and the impact that his research had on the educational systems across the United States. Functionalism, Pragmatism and Individualism are looked at, as well as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It also goes into the impact that Dewey’s theories had on the educational system as it is viewed during John Dewey’s lifetime and today. John Dewey (1859-1952) was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1859Read MoreLearning Is Viewed As One Of The Most Important Interactive Activities1643 Words   |  7 PagesProfessor: George Darden November 1, 2015 Learning is viewed as one of the most important interactive activities in which children engage. Although most learning occurs outside of the school setting, it is the heart of the educational process. Psychologists and philosophers searched to understand the true nature of learning, why and how learning occurs at different stages in life and how it can have an influence through teaching methods and similar endeavors. For many yearsRead MoreJohn Dewey, Paulo Freire And W. E. B. Du Bois929 Words   |  4 PagesTrue revolutionary thinkers’ parish long before their advance philosophies or contributions to society are fully realized. This is true of John Dewey, Paulo Freire, and W.E.B. Du Bois. They were beacons in the dark lighting the way for society. Each progressive during their generation. This first analysis paper will look at the lives, beliefs, ethics, perceptions of justice, and ideas on current educational practice of Dewey, Freire, and Du Bois. Individuals are effected by the lives they liveRead MoreJob and Study Habit1678 Words   |  7 Pagespaper presented to Joseph Bareng, Ph. D. Professor In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the subject PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION MATEO, ALDWIN CRUZ MAED E 31 MARCH 2015 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION â€Å"Life must be understood backwards but must be lived forward† -Soren Kierkegaard â€Å"Education is not preparation for life†¦ it is life itself†¦Ã¢â‚¬  -John Dewey In the eve of the Philippine Formal Education, Filipinos were already following a system of â€Å"training† for theRead MoreQuestions On World Philosophy By Plato, Maria Montessori, And John Dewey1276 Words   |  6 PagesWorld Philosophy Paper Mikala: I ask you this, what is Knowledge? Plato: Knowledge is Virtue. Maria Montessori: Knowledge is what we observe. John Dewey: Knowledge is the active adaptation of a person based on their environment. This is an example of the Socratic dialog laid out by Plato. Plato was a philosopher and educator whom believed that education was the key to society. As a student, I realize how my education was impacted by philosophers such a Plato, Montessori, and Dewey. As a futureRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Education1152 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction My personal philosophy of education relies on the fundamental belief that every individual has inherent value, therefore designating education as an environment where students may grow in their self-worth through academic and relational support. Thus, the purpose of education is to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn about both content and about self, growing in their identity. Within this personal philosophy of education, I will further detail the aim of education, theRead MoreJohn Dewey : Moral Behavior And Good Works1453 Words   |  6 Pages John Dewey was born October 20, 1859 in Burlington, Vermont. He was born to Archibald Dewey and Lucina Artemisia Rich and was the third of four children. His father loved literature and his mother was very stern and based most of her parenting on Calvinism (a religion in which one s faith is expressed through moral behavior and good works). John Dewey attended two different universities, the first university was the University of Vermont which he attended at age fifteen and graduated second inRead MoreSoren Kierkegaard And The Existentialist Philosophy1116 Words   |  5 Pages 2. The Existentialist philosophy, started by Soren Kierkegaard, focuses on self-directed education, finding answers within yourself. Students are not graded because all standards come from themselves. This philosophy emphasizes freedom of choice and mind, and that authentic creative thinking leads to true learning experiences (Cohen). The teacher helps students find their passions and understand who they are. Existentialism has never become prevalent in schools because it is difficult to apply inRead MoreEssay on Comparing Three Philosophies of Education1531 Words   |  7 PagesComparing Three Philosophies of Education What is education? Education can be defined in one of four ways: 1. The activity of education carried on by teachers, schools and parents (or by oneself). 2. The process of being educated (or learning) which goes on in the student. 3. The result of numbers one and two. 4. The discipline or field of inquiry that studies or reflects on one, two and three and is taught in schools of education. Education is concerned with the cultivation of the innerRead MorePhilosophy And Its Potential Effects On Decision Making1263 Words   |  6 PagesPhilosophy of education influences and largely determines, individual’s educational decisions. (Ornstein, Edwards Stacey, 2015) State and local policymakers, researchers, teachers, and administrators confront a variety of conflicting philosophies and prescriptions in the debate over school curriculum, structure and reform. (Elmore, 1990) Ultimately, choices related to school structure, culture and curriculum are influenced by the philos ophy (lens) in which decision-making personnel use to view

Implementation of Lean

Question: Provide a critical discussion on the implementation of lean which addresses the following questions: 1) Is there a best way to implement lean? (50%) 2) Are all organisations suitable for lean implementation? (50%) You are expected to provide appropriate examples to illustrate your answers. Answer: Introduction According to (_) for designing an efficient production system the management of any organisation should address three major issues namely removal of production wastes, reduction of waiting time and management of inventory levels. For effective management of the operations, the organisations generally adopt three types of production systems namely Just-in-Time approach (JIT), Toyota Production System (TPS) and Lena production management. The JIT focuses on reduction of wastes and control of inventory by supplying inventory as per the order of the customers. The TPS on the contrary emphasises on continuous improvement of the production process, improves the working standards and evolves a situation of mutual workplace respect among the organisation. Lena management is the combination of TPS and JIT and along with that lean operations aims to supply the products with zero defects and zero waste levels. At present lean management is being used by all types of organisations including heal th care (NHS), manufacturing (Ford and Toyota), services ( ABN-Amro) and computer manufacturing companies (Dell). The assignment here focuses on the analysis of suitability of lean and JIT in all types of organisations. Further, the assignment will also focus on the analysis of the best method in which lean can be implemented within these organisations. Background of Lean management (_) stated that Lean management aims to remove the wastes and process that do not add any value to the product. The current implementation of lean management had originated from the Toyota Production system where the company used the JIT approach for production of waste free products. The success of the TPS and JIT in Toyota made lean management famous among the other manufacturing companies. Unlike the American automotive industry, Toyota encouraged employees to be a part of the production process. With the use of the lean management, Toyota had developed set of procedures that reduced the machine setup time and changeovers. Before the implementation of lean by Toyota, during 1915, Ford Motor Corporation adopted the lean manufacturing for development of the mass manufacturing system. Toyotas adoption of lean was based on elimination of three major types of wastes namely Muri (Overburden), Mura (production process inconsistency) and Muda (elimination of production waste). The popularity of lean has provoked the different sectors namely the health care, the service industries and the computer manufacturing companies to adopt lean within their management process. (_) stated that the healthcare organisations like NHS adopted lean for reduction of excessive motion within the hospital floors, over production, reduction of patient waiting time and reduction of defects like hospital conditions and patient conditions. Best process of lean implementation Lean strategy is on demand in the industry of manufacturing and it involves a series of activities for the minimization of waste and allows NVA or the Non Value Added operations from the production, product design and product relation and factory management for the improvement of the value added processes. There are numbers of companies are there who have been adopted lean the strategies with the growing trend and flow of time. As per the company requirements there are numbers of lean strategies have been adapted by numbers of companies so far. The main focus goes when there is over production, numbers of defects that have been identified so far, weaken inventory system, lots of waiting time, taking too much of transposition cost, huge amount of processing over head. Henceforth, to eliminate the failure behind the lean practices and make it effective it is required to make the effective implementation of desired methodology there should be numbers of testing before the implementation of a particular lean strategy. There are three key principles behind the implementation of lean strategy, those are- value identification, waste elimination, proper flow of work within the organization. While values are concerned, it is required to identify the customer defined value. It is also required to optimize the value stream so that it can create the utmost situation for the flow of business processes across the organization. Even by generating a demand pull will allow synchronize the customer demand and let information flow across the organization. On the other hand perfection of each of the products, services is require to satisfy customer as well as to maintain the Suitability of lean implementation in different organisations (_) stated that concept of lean implementation is applicable to all organisations since the aim of lean is to improve the production process and add quality to the products along with customisation of the products. However, (_) stated that implementation of lean management comprises of various challenges on the part of the organisation, hence it is difficult for all types of organisation to implement lean principles within their production system. (_) stated that lean manufacturing includes elimination of the inventory storage time with the help of implementation of JIT approach. However, for the JIT approach to successfully function, the organisations are required to co ordinate with the suppliers constantly. For companies like Coca Cola, the adoption of JIT will put the company into trouble because Coke operates on a global basis and the suppliers of Coke are scattered over different countries. Thus, it is not possible for the company to contact with the suppliers and order as per the demand of the customers. Further (_) supported the argument stating that in manufacturing companies like Nike, Toyota and Ford, the identification of wastes is a relatively easy method. However, in case of service industries like financial service companies, the identification of waste is very difficult.

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Important Points to Consider When Looking at Community Service Essay Samples

Important Points to Consider When Looking at Community Service Essay SamplesWhen it comes to community service essay samples, you will find that the selection is vast. This is because it can really go any way, with some students looking for formal education, and others looking for a less formal learning experience.Students can choose to have the essay is one that contains information in the form of a question, or one that includes statements that provide appropriate guidance. The last thing they want is for the topic to devolve into an argument. So, when you are looking at these samples, keep this in mind.But, as you start to review some of these options, you will notice that many of them will point to the benefit of community service. In other words, there are many essays and information that will be aimed at helping you understand what this type of situation can offer.What many colleges and universities have found is that this is a great way to help make students aware of their res ponsibilities, as well as of the rewards that come from fulfilling those responsibilities. Community service gives students the opportunity to make an impact in their communities. It will also help them understand that they are important, and that the role that they play in the community is very important.The second thing you will need to consider when you are reviewing these essays and sample documents is that many of them will have a focus on a specific topic. For example, many community service essays will encourage students to participate in volunteering. There is a variety of different topics that a student can choose to focus on, but for most students, this can help them get into the habit of doing something each day that helps others.When you are searching for the best community service essay samples, it is also important to remember that your research needs to include information. You need to take a look at all of the websites that provide these types of resources.Your resea rch will not just stop there. You will need to do additional research so that you can determine what the most effective solutions are. While you may need to use a variety of sources, this can help you get a better understanding of how a variety of communities have benefited from these services.By reviewing community service essay samples, you will be able to find a great deal of different topics that you can focus on. It will also be important for you to consider the success that has been achieved through these efforts.